Solar for San Diego

Our team of San Diego solar energy contractors provide trustworthy guidance when it comes to assessing and planning your solar installation. Every project begins with a detailed consultation where we’ll confirm the appropriate solar energy solutions for your San Diego property. Christian Solar is committed to excellent customer service and offers the best in commercial and residential solar technology. With more than two decades of experience, you can trust that our San Diego solar solutions are worth the investment. We design and install all solar energy services, including:

For the last 25 years, we’ve been installing and maintaining solar energy solutions for clients across San Diego County. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

The Advantages of Solar Energy in San Diego

San Diego’s year-round sun and exposed landscape create an ideal environment for solar energy installations. And with an increase in seasonal blackouts and power outages, solar energy has become increasingly desirable. Every year, hundreds of residents install solar energy in their San Diego properties and enjoy the benefits of reduced energy bills and increased energy reliability. By installing solar on your San Diego property, you’ll enjoy:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • More reliable energy source
  • Lower environmental impacts from your property
  • Tax benefits and credits

San Diego Solar Energy Benefits

There are several benefits to installing solar energy on your San Diego property. And with rapid advances in technology, solar systems are more energy efficient than ever. Our clients enjoy lower energy bills, reliable power, tax credits, and the peace of mind knowing that their choice has a positive effect on the environment. When considering installing solar energy in your San Diego property, factor in the below benefits:

  • Reduced energy bills
  • More reliable energy resources
  • Less reliance on fossil fuels
  • Positive impact on the environment
  • Tax credits for installing solar
  • Increase in property value

Ready to get started? Book your free consultation today.

Energy Efficient Solutions

As the economic and environmental costs of fossil fuels increase, installing solar for your San Diego property is increasingly attractive. Solar is one of the most energy efficient means to power your residential or commercial buildings. After installing a solar system, you will immediately see a decrease in your electricity costs. In fact, many clients report over a 50% reduction in their bills. And with the latest generation of deep cycle batteries, you’ll be able to store and access energy regardless of current weather conditions. Christian Solar offers the most advanced energy efficient solar solutions, including:

Multiple solar technologies to choose from

Optimized installation and placement techniques

Deep cycle batteries

Customized solutions to support your property’s energy needs

Solar for San Diego

Affordable Solar Solutions for San Diego

Solar energy in San Diego is more affordable every year. Thanks to recent improvements in solar technology, clients can now install smaller, more cost effective panels in a range of locations. In addition, many customers benefit from state or county tax credits following their installations. Our clients report several financial benefits of installing solar, including:

  • 50% or more decrease in energy costs
  • Tax credits available in some states and counties
  • Higher resale property values
  • Reduced reliance on generators, gas, and traditional electric energy providers

From lower energy bills to improved energy reliability, there are more reasons now than ever to switch to solar. Schedule your free estimate with Christian Solar to get started or read about our Financing Options.

Solar for San Diego Properties

Christian Solar works with both private and commercial clients across San Diego county. At Christian Solar, we work with land owners, architects, contractors, HOA’s, and property managers to facilitate and coordinate solar projects of all sizes across San Diego. Due to the wide range of solar energy solutions available in today’s market, nearly every property can take advantage of this environmentally-friendly technology, including:

 - Apartment Buildings -

 - Condominiums & Townhouses -

 - Private homes -

- Hospitals -

- Schools -

- Retail and Shopping Complexes -

 - Community Centers -

 - Private Businesses -

 - Rental Properties -

 - Shared Workspaces -

Commercial Solar Energy Solutions for San Diego

As a San Diego business owner, investing in solar energy can be a big decision. At Christian Solar, we help our clients measure the upfront costs of solar installation against the long-term benefits of energy savings, operational efficiencies, and tax benefits. After a detailed assessment with our team, you will have a clear understanding of how and when your commercial solar energy investments will pay off. With an increased consumer demand for sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and ecological impact, commercial clients also find that adding solar energy can positively enhance their reputation.

San Diego Solar Installation

Our contractors will conduct an in-depth analysis of your property to determine the best placement for your solar panels. We’ll check for factors like directional exposure, nearby shade sources, and your seasonal energy needs. If you plan to place solar panels on the roof we will conduct an inspection to confirm that it will be a safe option for the structure. In the case that your roof requires reinforcements prior to solar panel installation, we can provide viable solutions through our reliable partners. Before installation, we will consider:

  • Your building’s energy needs throughout the year
  • Total solar input available at your property at different times of the year
  • On-site sun exposure
  • Nearby shade sources (trees, buildings, hills)
  • The age and condition of your roof (if installing on the roof)

With this detailed information, our solar installation team can confidently assess the full costs and benefits of your project. In addition, our knowledgeable team will provide thorough paperwork covering the estimates and budget. Get in touch here to get started.

Our Installation Process

Before scheduling a site visit, our team will learn more about your unique needs. We’ll discuss the size of your property, current energy usage, budget, timeline, and goals. Once we’ve established that your property is a good candidate for solar energy, our team will schedule an on-site evaluation. From there, we will suggest solar installation options that are appropriate for your property. Before starting the project, we’ll review the estimated costs and any potential challenges. With more than 25 years of experience, we’ve learned that this strategy helps ensure a seamless installation.

Solar panel technician installing solar panels on roof

Solar Energy Battery

Solar power systems utilize batteries to store energy for later use. Your battery may include an inverter or integrated energy conversion abilities. If your solar panels are producing a surplus of energy, your battery allows you to store this for a later use. High capacity batteries store more energy and allow for a more energy efficient system. And since your battery saves power, it serves as a backup solution whenever there are power shortages in your area. At Christian Solar, we ensure quality by providing the best in batteries for our solar installations. To ensure you have the correct technology for your property’s needs, our team will include power usage estimates, along with the appropriate energy storage solutions.

San Diego Solar Energy Financing

Christian Solar offers financing options for San Diego county clients. By partnering with trustworthy solar financing firms, we give clients an opportunity to complete both large scale and small scale solar energy projects on a range of property types. Whether you are upgrading a single family home or installing solar energy on a large commercial warehouse, our team of experienced coordinators can facilitate your project with the right financing options. They will walk you through several factors before calculating the return on investment for installing solar, including:

  • The costs of your current energy bill
  • Your project budget
  • San Diego or California tax credits available for solar projects

Learn more about our solar financing options by booking a complimentary consultation.

Why Solar is the Energy Efficient Option

Solar energy has been available for several decades but has recently become more widely used across both residential and commercial properties in San Diego. Lighter, cheaper, and more energy efficient solar energy panels are making solar energy a realistic option for property owners across San Diego. Today’s energy efficient solar panels run at roughly 22% efficiency, compared to older models which delivered around between 8-10% efficiency. This means that new solar panels can convert a higher portion of the sun’s rays into usable energy. As solar energy technology continues to improve, consumers will enjoy increased efficiency rates and a higher level of energy output. Energy alternatives, including fossil fuels and natural gas, do not provide the same level of energy with such a low carbon footprint. To learn more about how solar energy panels can offset your electrical bill, book a consultation with our team.

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About Christian Solar Energy

Christian Solar is a San Diego-based company with over 25 years of experience. Our mission is to help you save money and help save the planet. We operate according to all state and county regulations to ensure the safest procedures are used at every job site. Our company is focused on excellent customer service, superior craftsmanship, and a commitment to completing every job on time and with a high level of quality.

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